Gen 1 Exchange Program (2 Rear Shocks)

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The price shown here is before the upgrades below. 


Our shocks we ship out are NOT NEW and cannot be considered NEW condition. The shocks we send out on the exchange program are USED and NOT NEW. They will signs of use on them. We try to send out the best condition shocks we can (Whatever grade you choose ). There will always be SOME cosmetic imperfections on these exchange shocks. In addition to moving/ adjusting the spring perch collar, we typically remove any rust or corrosion and seal the outside. This may show bare metal and may cause minor decal damage. You are responsible for upkeep and maintenance to prevent corrosion and or rust. We recommend using a corrosion inhibitor or wax on all shock bodies and parts. Although not very common- If we receive your shocks and they need new parts, we will contact you and this will be taken out of your deposit. The most common issues are bleed screws stuck, front shock shafts damaged, and lower front shock bushings. We try to be as fair as possible when charging for these damages.


You are responsible for all shipments to and from you home in regards to your order. Please note your tracking numbers and keep them handy. We will not be responsible for theft during or after shipment or lack of delivery.

NOTE: If you want shocks in the EXACT same condition as what you already have, you must ship yours in for us to rebuild. Please contact us after submitting your order to verify you are shipping your shocks to us. You will be responsible for all shipping arrangements to us.

NOTE: We will always send out the best set of shock we have available and will recondition minor cosmetics, but in the event we ship you shocks and you decide that you do not like the way they look, there are NO GUARANTEES and no refunds will be given on any and all services, products, and shipping, We will ALWAYS try our best to work with you on a resolution.

Warranty Info: 30 Day warranty included when shock are ordered with “Shaft refinishing” option.

6 month and 1 year warranties available for purchase. Terms of warranty

By submitting an order you agree to the disclaimer and notes above.


** Shocks are shipped out WITHOUT SPRINGS** Due to the cost of shipping and extra labor, we do not ship with springs. You will need access to a spring compressor or shop to install the front shocks.

** Shocks are shipped WITHOUT front cap covers and spring isolators** You will reuse yours. If you need these, please let us know.

** Please follow ALL instructions when BEFORE shipping your old shocks back to us. If you do not follow these instructions, we will take the costs out of your deposit. We have the right to issue a $50 cleaning fee if your old shocks are not wiped clean, or if there is excessive tar/ undercoating left on the shocks.

**Cleaning fee: $50 (see above)

To ensure your old shocks arrive back safe, and your deposit is refunded PLEASE:

DO NOT remove black tape from the crate, cut around latches
Wipe your old shocks clean (Or a $50 Cleaning fee will apply)
Ensure provided return label is put on outside top of the crate
Insert old shocks in rubber sleeves
Place foam pipes over front shock shafts
Ensure shock ends are padded against crate corners
Tape crate (X2) with Gorilla tape (preferred) duct tape or another heavy-duty tape
DO NOT use painters tape, electrical tape, or packing (clear) tape.
Tape crate over the existing black tape in top of latches and on sides of crate above handles.
Failure to do the above steps can cause crate/ shock damage

Thank you,

Texas Shock Works

Revive your Ford Raptor shocks with a rebuild! We specialize in the rebuilding of all Ford Raptor Fox Shocks.

We will clean your shocks inside and out and replace the following:

  • All Seals
  • All O-rings
  • Soft wear bands
  • Hard wear bands
  • Refill with new HP oil
  • Refill with fresh Nitrogen
Condition of Your Shocks

Grade A, Grade B, Grade C, Grade D, Grade F

19 reviews for Gen 1 Exchange Program (2 Rear Shocks)

  1. Jackson M. (verified owner)

    Awesome work, great people, will be back again

  2. John Giannattasio (verified owner)

    Very easy to work with. Fast shipping.

  3. Jeff Catron (verified owner)

    With so many other options to choose from, I decided to go with TSW based on other reviews, and the first conversation I had with Alex, who sincerely cared about the customer, and represented a high quality product & service. I felt confident that I would get the attention and satisfaction from doing business with him and his Company. Those assumptions validated themselves as I am extremely happy with the shocks, and the follow-up customer service & concern that Alex has offered since the completion of my project.

  4. Glen (verified owner)

    made my old shocks better than new

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    These Shocks made a world of difference in how my Raptors suspension performs and the exchange program keeps your truck available. Thanks TSW

  6. justin sigler (verified owner)

    Awesome service and product

  7. Joel B. (verified owner)

    Extremely pleasant and easy to deal with.
    Tuned my shocks for highway driving and they are fantastic. The difference is amazing.
    The shocks sent to me were clean and you could clearly see new parts.
    I would definitely recommend them.

  8. Jason green (verified owner)

    Fast shipping and great service. Replacement shocks were exactly what I wanted.

  9. Ian Mccormick (verified owner)

    Shocks came as advertised I definitely will be shopping with the company for all my rebuild needs.

  10. Bradley Z. (verified owner)

    Texas Shock Works is the undisputed masters of the rebuilt/exchange Foxx Shock universe! After easily placing my order via TSW’s excellent website I sat back and awaited my delivery. The shocks showed up well packaged and protected in a very reasonable time. I installed them today and can report that after a quick city/freeway….and short off road romp that my Raptor feels and drives like new. The fronts were replaced via my extended service contract so yeah, my Raptor is back!!

  11. William (verified owner)

    Quick service and delivery, product works great..

  12. farhad rastegari (verified owner)

  13. Mark Jedynak (verified owner)

    Great looking and performing shocks

  14. Larry Lauriano (verified owner)

    Put the rear shocks on what a difference in the ride so I had to order the front shocks great quality

  15. LANCE HEDRICK (verified owner)

    I ordered brand new Shocks from my local Ford dealer, I am a repair shop. I received the two new front shock in a week, the rears I waited 6 months, never was able to get a status up date on a ship date! Due to my customer having to drive his truck with a Right Rear shock blown out for 6 months I started looking around. Found TSW and ordered the Rears. I received them in a Few weeks, great service, great product. I will reach out to TSW for my future Shock repairs in the future.

  16. Anonymous (verified owner)

  17. Mike S. (verified owner)

    Have yet to install them but I can say this if the shocks are anything like the customer service I received then the truck should ride better than new
    Keep up the good work folks

  18. Reese R. (verified owner)

    Awesome people work here!

  19. Todd Reynolds (verified owner)

    Shocks looked great and feel even better, I couldn’t believe the difference in the feel with this swap. Glad I did the upgrades and looking forward to doing the fronts next.

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