Our services

Shock Shaft Refinishing

Highly Recommended
$ 25 *per shock
  • Extends seal life and prevents future leaks by not only refinishing the main shaft, but a preparatory 7 stage unprecedented refinishing process to reduce low spots, friction, and stiction.

Basic Shock Rebuild

We will clean your shocks inside and out and replace the following:
$ 175 *per shock
  • All Seals
  • All O-Rings
  • Soft Wear Bands
  • Hard Wear Bands
  • Rubber Fill Pellet
  • Refill with New HP Oil
  • Refill with Fresh Nitrogen

Fill Upgrades

$ 25 *per shock
  • Most of the shocks we service are low on Nitrogen. The factory shock setup requires special tools to check and refill nitrogen. Having us install a  Schrader valve gives you a simple way to service your shocks and prevents leaks

Seal Upgrades

$ 20 *per pair
  • Have us install Viton O-rings to outlast the factory parts! Viton seals have consistently out lasted the factory seals in our tests. They are proven to last longer than OE seals, and perform better in extreme temperatures!
On Sale

Mid Perch Adjustment

Want to level out the front of your Raptor?
$ 60 *per pair
  • Gen 1 Fox shocks are 3 way adjustable! We can set your shocks to mid perch (most popular) and have your truck lifted and looking great! Most used shocks have lots of corrosion under the collar that makes them very hard to move. Let us take care of it for you.

Valving Upgrades

$ 20 *per pair
  • Although not always recommended for street driving purposes, we can do a flutter stack setup in your shim stack. This will help somewhat with large bumps and jumps, however you will sacrifice handling characteristics on the street.