Xmitter Prime Xtreme Single Stack LED Bar


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Xmitter Prime Single

†4″ – 50″ Lengths Available
†High Powered 5 Watt LEDs
†Up to 47,520 Raw Lumens
†Integrated Thermal Management
†PWM Integrated Dimming Circuity


Harnessing Unbeatable Power

Whether you choose the 4″ bar or the 50″ bar, you can rest assured that the LEDs inside of the Xmitter Prime Xtreme are the best 5-Watt LEDs obtainable. Top-binned and perfectly constructed, these high powered LEDs are capable of outputting 528 raw lumens each.

The Brightest LED Light Bar On The Market

Since the Xmitter Prime Xtreme Single Stack was first launched, it has held the title of œMost Raw Lumens Per Inch. Pumping out nearly 1,000 raw lumens per inch, the Xmitter Prime Xtreme is unmatched in terms of effective power and performance.

Prime Drive Technology

Prime Drive Technology from Vision X Lighting controls vital functions such as temperature control and dimming on your LED Light Bar. This advanced technology can increase or decrease the intervals at which the LEDs turn on and off in order to lower the bars overall temperature and maximize the lifespan.


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