Vision X Cannon Polycarbonate Covers


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Colored Covers

With four different color options each with a different specific use. Red are designed to reduce light temperature and glare back in order to enchance penetration in dust and air particulate. Yellow is designed for foggy conditions by reducing the amount of blue light. Blue covers increase the light distance when used in snow by reflecting the blue light off the snow. Clear is used to protect against dust and debris.

Beam Covers

Five different beam options and 1 black out cover allow you to take your light and turn it into 21 different lights. Euro is a flat, horizontal beam designed to light peripherals while maintaining distance. Flood for low-speed, vertical trail flood beam lights the road to the tree tops. Wide flood is a low-speed, horizontal flood beam gives a wide blanket of light. Elliptical beam creates distance and spread while limiting periphery lighting for driving in traffic. Spot lens is a protective clear cover that stops particulate from damaging the lights.

Protect And Enhance

Vision X polycarbonate translucent covers not only protect your light, but they also improving vision in dust, fog or snow. Another benefit of adding a cover is the capability to change your beam pattern. Each cover is finished with a glow in the dark printed œX for a unique look at night when the lights are off.

Change Your Beam Pattern

Quickly change from the standard Spot beam to a wide spread Flood beam, or chose the middle-ground and go with a Euro beam. Elliptical, Wide Flood, and Black Out are also available. Each beam pattern is available in the four colors, giving you the widest range of light options all from one unit.

Dimensions 9 × 9 × 2 in
Light Size

4.5", 6.7", 8.7"


Clear, Red, Blue, Yellow, Black-Out

Beam Pattern

Spot, Euro, Flood, Wide-Flood, Elliptical


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