Steering Tie Rod


The price shown here is before the upgrades below. 

When we designed our steering tie rods, it wasn’t good enough to anodize them a pretty blue and say “have a nice day.”  Like everything else we design, innovation and strength have to be at the centerpoint of our products.

First we started off with hex bar instead of round bar that requires flat cuts  to be grooved on them, hence reducing strength.  With hex bar, this eliminates the need for any weakening of the rod itself.

Next we decided to stay away from the usual 4130 pins and opted to go with 17-4 material.  This is a very high strength stainless steel that is over twice as strong as 4130N Chromoly Steel

Lastly, certain design concepts have weak points in them, and your center pins controlling your steering should never be one of them.  We can’t give away all of our design secrets, but let’s just say certain shapes yield higher stress concentrations that make our tie rods stronger than others.

RPG has brought to you these industry-leading steering tie rods at the unbelievably low introductory price of $869.  You simply won’t find this kind of quality at this price, ANYWHERE. One thing is certain:

Not all aftermarket steering tie rods are created the same.

  •  17-4 Pins = 2x Stronger than 4130 Chromoly Steel
  • FK Rod Ends
  • Teflon Lined
  • Hex-bar Design
  • Options: CLEAR, BLACK, BLUE, ORANGE, Call for RED
  • 100% MADE IN USA

Own it today for only $869.00

Dimensions 20 × 10 × 4 in
Anodized Finish Color

Clear, Black, Blue, Orange


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