LED Vision X 8.7″ Light Cannon


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LED Light Cannon

90 Watt Single Source Luminus LED
Up To 3,280 Feet Of Usable Light
Color & Beam Changing Covers
5,800 Raw Lumens Each
Two Light Kits Available


Loaded With Features

The Vision X 8.7″ Cannon features a 90 watt LED Technology, a spot beam pattern that offers you a focused amount of light with great distance, and black aluminum poly carbonate housing. The Vision X 8.7″ Cannon comes standard with an extended warranty, harness and multi-volt 9-32V DC input.

Series Information

Prior to the 8.7″ LED Light Cannon, shining light to a distance of 3,000 feet with a single LED was deemed impossible. Vision X engineered the 90-watt LED Light Cannon to shine 3,280 of usable light, all from a single-source big chip LED that lives inside a durable yet lightweight hybrid polycarbonate aluminum housing.

Two Light Kit

LED Light Cannons can be purchased as a 2-Light kit that also includes a wiring harness and installation instructions that will help you get your Cannons up and running.

Key Features

Available Snap On Covers Change Beam Pattern
Massive 90-watt Top-Binned Luminus LED
3,280 Feet (1,000 Meters) Of Usable Light
Available In Kit With Two Lights
4,060 Raw Lumens
10° Spot Beam

Dimensions N/A
Light Kit

Single Light, 2 Light Kit


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