Gen1 Stage 3 Rear Suspension Kit

The price shown here is before the upgrades below. 

Gen 1 Stage 3 Kit Spring Selection:

  • Deaver +2 SD – $3339.90
  • Deaver +3 SD – $3339.90
  • Deaver +3 HD – $3339.90
  • Deaver +4.5 HD – $3339.90

Call to order your kit.  Freight is calculated at the time of order.

Top 11 Reasons why you should choose the RPG stage 3 kit over the rest!

  • • Over 1,000,000 miles of collective abuse
  • • 3 times thicker than the stock frame
  • • Only production kit to offer actual Baja Winning Fox 2.5″ airbumps
  • • Strengthens whole rear frame, not just the weak sections
  • • Big enough and Strong enough to run 4″ long airbumps to increase payloads and towing
  • • 100% Lifetime warranty on your frame support
  • • Able to run very little air pressure for smooth and controlled ride
  • • Double cross bolt design to eliminate inward frame movement
  • • Doesn’t interfere with aftermarket exhaust options
  • • No gimmicks, just proven results with the offroad miles to prove it
  • • Deaver +2 will yield a factory ride height with an empty bed
  • • Deaver +3 will yield 1″ over factory ride height with an empty bed or a factory ride height with about 500 lbs in the bed
  • • Deaver +4.5 will yield 2.5″ over factory ride height with an empty bed or approximately 1.5″ over factory with about 500 lbs in the bed
  • • Deaver +4.5 are designed for customers with an RST16 or RST18 with recovery racks.

When we set out to design the gold standard of bolt-on SVT Raptor and F-150 performance suspension, we decided to start with the area we felt could use a bit of improvement and where we could make the most impact for our customers, the rear suspension. At RPG we believe in not only doing things the right way, but also partnering with and utilizing the best components the industry has to offer. We combined to create the most capable rear suspension kit available today for the Raptor and F-150.  With over 2K miles of testing under our belt plus countless miles on many of our customers trucks, the results have been nothing short of amazing.

Quotes like “Confidence” and “totally changed the rear of the truck” have become the norm.

One of the key factors in achieving our performance goals was with the use of Fox Racing 2.5″ Air Bumps with 2.5″ of travel. One of the major benefits of running a 2.5″ Air Bump vs. a 2.0″ Air Bump can be found in the amount of force it’s capable of handling over long periods of time when offroading. The SVT Raptor is a heavier truck than most and it requires a full size Air Bump that is able to cope with the extra weight. You might be wondering why RPG chose the 2.5″ Air Bump over the more common 2.0″ many of our competitors offer? The Fox 2.5″ Air Bump only needs 2.5″ of travel vs. the required 4.0″ of travel with a 2.0″ Air Bump.

Air Bumps of this size are most commonly found on many of today’s Trophy Trucks.
What does this mean for you? PERFORMANCE, RIDE QUALITY, NOISE FACTOR. The shorter travel of the 2.5″ means we don’t need to position it as close to the impact pad (which would result in annoying impact noises on every dip, pot hole and speed bump around town). No compromises and pure performance through engineering.  That’s the RPG way of doing things.

Bump stops aren’t the whole package with a Stage 3 kit however, they are only a portion of it. RPG is proud to have partnered up with Deaver and Vector Springs.  During testing, both companies went through untold multiple sets of leafs to achieve the perfect progression and load ratings for the SVT Raptor and F-150.  The results are improved ride around town, less wheel hop, and a much more controlled ride when driving at high or low speeds in the dirt, mud and snow. Our standard Stage 3 kit includes a set of springs tuned for a typical Raptor setup.  Upon request however, we can also custom tune a set of springs to your specific needs.  If you carry a lot of weight in the back, you might want to consider a custom set of HD leafs instead of the standard offering.  At RPG we believe in making sure you get the proper setup for your rig and because of that, we don’t add one cent to the cost of a customized set of springs.

Bottom line, with help from our partners, RPG is the first company on the market to offer a full rear kit that was designed to work as one from the ground up and deliver the best ride possible for each individual owner.

What comes in the box:

  • • RPG Frame Support with Air Bump Mounts
  • • FOX 2.5″ Diameter x 2.5″ Travel Air Bumps
  • • Leaf Springs
  • • Grade 8 Hardware
  • • Axle Impact Pads

Video of RPG Stage 3 system in Action:


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