Gen 1 Raptor Tommy Gun Front Bumper


The price shown here is before the upgrades below. 

RPG Offroad™s newest race truck inspired front bumper for the Ford Raptor is designed to give your truck the “tight against the factory valence” look and functionality that you have been searching for.  With dramatic approach angles to keep your truck’s snout out of the dirt, and crafted from .120 wall tubing with 3/16ths plate, the bumper is certain to hold up to the harshest of conditions and impacts.  The main tube is 1.75 with a continuous radius for a clean yet functional approach.  By using a 1.75 main tube, you get the strength you need, without the bulkiness of a 2″ tube as found on some others.  The bumper is designed to offer an optional valance and or removable push bar.  The skid plate is made out of 3/16ths aluminum.  This bumper is finished in a powder-coated black with 3/4″ grade 8 hardware for proper mounting and will be mounted to the massive steering box bolts instead of just the OE skid or control arm bolts.

Note: Identical trimming of your front frame horns is required for installation of the RPG Race Line, Trophy and Tommy Gun Front Bumpers.

*Includes skid plate and all necessary mounting hardware


  • Removable Push Bar (Specify what light tabs you want on it)
  • Black ABS Valance, Hard Anodized Black panel washers and Stainless Steel Fasteners
Custom Order Item: Please CALL for pricing and configuration!
Push Bar Light Bar Tabs

No Push Bar, Push Bar No Tabs, 5 Tabs, 6 Tabs, 30" Radius, 40" Radius

Black ABS Valance

No Valance, Added Valance


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