FLEX Array LED Light Bars


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The FLEX Array LED light is an expandable performance LED light bar.  Consisting between 5 and 15 cores, the Arrays are available as a standalone unit, complete with a side mount adapters and a u-bracket. The patented power systems allows multiple Arrays to be linked and even stacked together to create single and multiple-row LED light systems “ the possibilities and applications are endless.

Flex Arrays LED lights are sturdy and produce a tremendous amount of light at a distance. Flex housings and light cores are made with high-grade aluminum and use precision tuned reflector optics.

10 to 50″ KC FLEX„ Array LED Light Bar
Die-Cast Aluminum Housings
KC Precision Reflector Optics
Patented Pass Through Power Bus
Spot Beam or Combo Spot and Spread Beam Pattern

RAW Lumens: 10″= 4,875 lm, 20″= 9,750 lm, 30″= 14,625 lm, 40″= 19,500 lm, 50″= 24,375 lm
LUX @ 10 meters: 10″= 1,200 lx or 1,150 lx, 20″= 1,900 lx, 30″= 2,700 lx, 40″= 3,700 lx, 50″= 4,400 lx
Candela: 10″=120,000 cd, 115,000 cd, 20″= 190,000 cd, 30″= 270,000 cd, 40″= 370,00 cd, 50″= 440,000 cd
Beam Distance (Meters): 10″= 693m or 678m, 20″= 872m , 30″= 1,039m, 40″= 1,217m, 50″= 1,327m

Wattage: 50W-250W
LED Source: CREE XM-L2 U2
Amp Draw: 5.0A-25.0A
Voltage: 9V-18V
IP Rating: IP68
Product Dimensions: W – 11.375″-51.375″ x H – 2.0″ x D – 3.25″

Dimensions N/A
Beam Pattern

Driving, Spot, Combo


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