Deaver Raptor 2009-2014 “1 Inch Lift“ HD Rear Springs Pair HEAVY DUTY


The price shown here is before the upgrades below. 

Standard Duty Set

The Standard Duty spring is the ideal setup for someone who is going offroading with a few hundred pounds in the bed or less. The rear will now feel more in control and be able to finally keep up with the front of the truck. Standard Duties progression is designed to come in sooner than the Heavy Duty set and will help eliminate the dreaded axle wrap and wheel hop that plagues the Raptor.  However, dont think you can’t load up the bed of the truck.  We have personally loaded up 1400 pounds of leafs in the rear of the RPG rig with zero issues after unloading (this doesn’t mean we are suggesting to exceed the factory payload and we don’t recommend doing this).

Heavy Duty Set

The heavy duty set will increase the ride height of your truck about .75 over stock and are designed for someone who is running 500-850 pounds of payload in the bed at all times.  The progression rate of the spring is equal to the Standard Duty to achieve high levels of performance when in the dirt, but needs 500 pounds of load to get the spring in the same progression zone.  The Heavy Duty set is perfect for the guy that is running large chase racks, full beds of camping gear or lots of bed cargo, yet still demands the full performance that the Raptor has to offer.

  • 11 Thin Leaf Design
  • Progressive Rate
  • Military Double Wrap Design
  • Virtually eliminate axle wrap and wheel hop
  • Hand Built in the U.S.A.

+2 (SD)= Stock ride height

+3 (SD)= 1in over stock ride height

+2 (HD)= Stock ride height with 500-850lbs in bed

+3 (HD)= 1in over stock ride height with 500-850lbs in bed

+4.5(HD)= Used for RST18 application


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