Geiser Bros GEN 3 FORD RAPTOR +2.5″ Raptor Progressive rate soft ride springs


The price shown here is before the upgrades below. 

These custom progressive rate springs are designed for the Ford Raptor F150 GEN 3 (2021-2022) This set of springs will give you about 2.5″ of lift in the front of your truck. They will give your truck a leveled look with stock rears.

COMING SOON IN OCTOBER we will also offer the option of a progressive +1.5″ rear spring set that is 10% stronger and will leave your truck with a slight raked look. These springs will work with the live valve suspension. Each time the truck starts the computer resets and will adjust. They will accommodate up to a 37″ tire. Inner fender trimming may be required depending on your tires and offset. Simply change the spring and you are ready to roll. Wall mounted spring compressor recommended. Photos show truck running 37″X13.50 YOKOHAMA GEOLANDERS with 20”X10” VOSSEN HF6-4 offset -18 and +2.5″ front springs, +1.5″ rear springs. Last photo shows truck with 700lb in rear with +1.5″ rear springs. Powder Coated Gloss Silver


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