Carbon POD HID Light


The price shown here is before the upgrades below. 


The Carbon POD® with 70W HID technology is KC™s flagship off-road HID lighting system. Born in the harsh terrains of Baja, Mexico, the Carbon POD combines a high performance 70W HID Ballast and a Phillips HID Bulb with KC™s precision reflector optics to produce the most usable and far reaching light available. The package is surrounded in an extremely lightweight and sturdy DuPont„ Zytel® Carbon Fiber Reinforced Resin, which is 4 times stronger than our previous housing. This combination is engineered and designed to meet and exceed the demands of extreme off-road racing. To allow precise aiming, the KC Rally Ring allows for versatile omni-directional adjustment. If you are looking for the highest performing HID light on the market, KC™s HID Carbon POD® stands in its own category above all the competition.


Powered by KC™s 70W HID ballast
NEW DuPont„ Zytel® Carbon Fiber Reinforced Resin, 4x stronger than previous housing
7″ DuPont„ Minlon® Mineral Reinforced Nylon Resin multi-surface reflector optics
NEW Adjustable Rally Ring for precise aiming
NEW Sturdy mounting points with fixed mount base
Available in spot or spread beam patterns


Wattage – 70W per light, 140W per pair pack
LUX @ 10 meters – 11,600 (Spot Beam)
Candela – 1,160,000 (Spot pattern); 462,000 (Spread pattern)
Beam Distance (meters) – 2154m (Spot pattern); 1359m (Spread pattern)
RAW Lumens – 7000LM
Amp Draw – 5.83A per light, 11.7A per pair pack
Voltage – 12V
Color Temperature – 4200K
Warranty – 23 years

Dimensions N/A

Single, Pair

Beam Pattern

Driving, Spot


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