BM 22200 Locking Transmission Dipstick for 2010-2019, 6R80, 10R80


The price shown here is before the upgrades below. 


  • The B&M Locking Transmission Dipstick was designed to allow for a quick and easy check of the automatic transmission fluid level and fluid quality by the vehicle owner/operator without having to go to the dealership. Fits all Ford 10R80, 6R80, 4R75E and 4R70E transmissions. Constructed of billet stainless steel fittings, steel braided hose and black mil-spec anodized aluminum 6061-T6 cap and bracket, this rugged unit allows for both cold and warm fluid level checks and is meant to be left in the vehicle and locked into place. Additional features include an engraved B&M logo locking knurled handle cap and fluid level stamped indicator end.
    • Billet Stainless Steel and Aluminum 6061-T6 Construction
    • Rugged Knurled and B&M Logo Engraved Locking Cap
    • Stamped Transmission Fluid Level Indicator
    • Steel Braided Dipstick/Fluid Fill Tube
  • Here is a link to the B & M Installation Video
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 4 in


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