Our shocks we ship out are NOT NEW and cannot be considered NEW condition. GEN 1 Customers——>>>>Desired perch setting MUST BE selected at time of order. Because of the age of these shocks and design, most shocks CAN NOT be adjusted without disassembly and a special 20 TON hydraulic press. You will be sent the perch setting you select, and if you try to move it on your own there ARE NO guarantees.   The shocks we send out on the exchange program are USED and NOT NEW. They will signs of use on them. We try to send out the best condition shocks we can (Whatever grade you choose ). There will always be SOME cosmetic imperfections on these exchange shocks. In addition to moving/ adjusting the spring perch collar, we typically remove any rust or corrosion and seal the outside.  This may show bare metal and may cause minor decal damage. You are responsible for upkeep and maintenance to prevent corrosion and or rust. We recommend using a corrosion inhibitor or wax on all shock bodies and parts. Although not very common- If we receive your shocks and they need new parts, we will contact you and this will be taken out of your deposit. The most common issues are bleed screws stuck, front shock shafts damaged, and lower front shock bushings. We try to be as fair as possible when charging for these damages.  


You are responsible for all shipments to and from you home in regards to your order. 

Please note your tracking numbers and keep them handy. We will not be responsible for theft during or after shipment or lack of delivery. 

NOTE: If you want shocks in the EXACT same condition as what you already have, you must ship yours in for us to rebuild. Please contact us after submitting your order to verify you are shipping your shocks to us. You will be responsible for all shipping arrangements to us.

NOTE:  We will always send out the best set of shock we have available and will recondition minor cosmetics, but in the event we ship you shocks and you decide that you do not like the way they look, there are NO GUARANTEES and no refunds will be given on any and all services, products, and shipping, We will ALWAYS try our best to work with you on a resolution.


No returns after 30 days of order. Once your order ships, there are no refunds, for any reason. Returns are subject to a 15% restocking, freight and processing fees on the TOTAL order amount including shipping and deposit. 

Warranty Info: 

 Warranty included when shock are ordered with “Shaft refinishing” option.


Warranty Info: Warranty claims are made at the discretion of TSW and is made by case by case basis only. Labor is the responsibility of the customer and will NOT be covered for any reason, unless original labor was done at TSW, and will only be covered at the discretion of TSW. Warranty will ONLY be applied to original customer, and under no circumstances will it be transferred to any other person. Warranty included when shocks are ordered with “Shaft refinishing” option. Shocks set to TOP PERCH or Mid perch with ANY lift spring will not be covered. Shocks with Leveling spacers, leveling kits, Lift kits, or any aftermarket suspension parts will void warranty.  Installation error, abuse, neglect voids any and all guarantees or warranties implied by TSW. TSW reserves the right to refuse any warranty claims for any reason including slandering and or mention in a substandard or poor manner on any form of public resource or social media. Please do the right thing and contact us before posting about your issue.

6 month and 1 year warranties available for purchase.  Terms of warranty


By submitting an order you agree to the disclaimer and notes above. 


** Shocks are shipped out WITHOUT SPRINGS** Due to the cost of shipping and extra labor, we do not ship with springs. You will need access to a spring compressor or shop to install the front shocks.

** Shocks are shipped WITHOUT springs, Strut mounts, foam bumps and spring isolators** You will reuse yours. 

** Please follow ALL instructions when BEFORE shipping your old shocks back to us. If you do not follow these instructions, we will take the costs out of your deposit. We have the right to issue a $50 cleaning fee if your old shocks are not wiped clean, or if there is excessive tar/ undercoating left on the shocks.

**Cleaning fee: $50 (see above)

To ensure your old shocks arrive back safe, and your deposit is refunded PLEASE:

Don’t drop or drag your shocks on the ground
Wipe your old shocks clean (Or $50 Cleaning fee will apply)
Ensure provided return label is put on outside top of the crate
Insert old shocks and wrap individually
Protect shock shafts
Ensure shock ends are padded against crate corners
Tape box securely
Failure to do the above steps can cause box/ shock damage

Thank you,

Texas Shock Works