Gen1 RST18 with Recovery Rack


The price shown here is before the upgrades below. 


  • Add 2x 3.0x16 Fox 3.0 P/B
  • Add 2x 3.5x16 Fox 3.5 P/B
  • Pelican Case Mount
  • 5 Gallon Jugs Mount
  • Spare Tires Mount with Floor Jack Mount


RPG Offroads new bolt-in rear bed cage system is now available with recovery gear mounts for 2010 2014 Ford Raptors. This is the enhanced version of the standard RST18; build specifically for the Raptor owner looking to conquer the desert alone, or looking to lead an expedition into rough terrain. This bed cage increases the utility of the standard RST18 by adding mounts for two 35, 37 or 39″ spare tires, a mounted floor jack and options for one 5 gallon jug with a Pelican case or 2 mounts for 5 gallon jugs (sold separately).

Like the standard long travel bed cage, this cage uses your choice of either 16″ Fox 3.0 piggyback bypass shocks or 16 Fox 3.5 piggyback bypass shocks, and pulls 18″ of controlled wheel travel when combined with custom built Leaf Springs and our custom extended shackles. Through our extensive torture testing, we’ve found this setup extremely reliable, smooth, and effective at conquering the roughest terrain, the largest whoops, and the biggest jumps that the Raptor can handle without cutting the rear frame of the truck. The increased droop travel provided by a bed cage system makes terrain that would have been spine shattering in even a Stage 4 Raptor, cushion soft.

The bed cage is the perfect solution for mounting your shocks and retaining as much usable bed space as possible. RPG Offroad engineering philosophy is to maximize both utility and performance, so the rack is low profile, both length and height wise, by design. Its low profile design ensures use of bed covers to protect your cargo. The design also minimizes the amount of cutting required to install the cage, minimizing the loss of usable bed cargo capacity.

Huge gains in shock travel lead to increased speed and control and we think that leads to increased fun in the desert playgrounds. Remove the extra spare tires and this rack, like the standard rack, fits under any utility cover for when your Raptor is your around town daily driver. Built using laser cut sheet metal, CNC bent, seamless tubing, precision welding for optimum fit and strength, and powdercoated black for protection against the elements. The RST18 combines ultimate utility and self-support with desert dominating suspension travel and control in one clean, well-engineered package.

This kit includes the rear shock tower; two weld on 4130 chromoly brackets for the lower shock mounts, and all necessary Grade 8 hardware.


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